Bidet Seats Fit On Your Existing Toilet

When most people think of the word, “bidet” – a lot of folks think back to the old basin-type bidets.  If you’ve been to Europe before, you’ve probably seen them in your travels.  They are porcelain, basin-type fixtures found right next to the toilet.  These types of bidets haven’t changed much since they were first invented in the early 18th Century.











One of the key advantages of the modern electronic bidet or, “bidet toilet seat” – is that it attaches to your existing toilet (below).  This makes it much more convenient to install because most North American bathrooms weren’t designed to handle a separate fixture next to the toilet.










But where does the bidet toilet seat get its water?  Well, if you look under your toilet tank, you’ll see a hose connecting to the bottom of the tank – that’s what refills your toilet every time you flush.  The bidet toilet seat taps into this water supply with a T-Connection Valve (or “splitter”) which splits the water flow two different ways.  One way continues to your water tank and the other way runs to your bidet.  Because there’s a water heater built in the bidet toilet seat, all it needs is cold water and the bidet takes care of the rest.

Installation is pretty easy and takes about 30 minutes to install.  There are three simple steps (1) remove your toilet seat and attach your bidet seat (2) connect the water supply and (3) plug the bidet into a nearby electrical outlet.  We’ve prepared a little video below to illustrate:

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