Bidet Seats Featured On ABC News

abc.abcnews.croppedIt appears that America’s most trusted mainstream media outlets are continuing to take a look behind closed bathroom doors to reveal the slow but steadily growing trend in people’s toilet habits: the use of bidet seats. A few months ago, we blogged about an article in The Wall Street Journal that discussed the proliferation of bidet seats in luxury homes. This month, ABC News featured an article on the rising popularity of electronic bidet seats.

As the article explains, Americans have tended to think of bidets as a European fixture. But as many who have traveled abroad know, bidet seats are not only found in the chateaus of Paris and restrooms of Rome. Bidets are common all over Asia as well as South America, and they are gaining popularity across parts of the Middle East as well. According to the article, 74 percent of Japan’s households are outfitted with electronic bidet seats. With bidets being the standard rather than the exception in Japan, it’s not surprising that a Japanese company, Toto, is the world’s largest manufacturer of bidet toilet seats. What is surprising to many is that Toto’s early bidet seat design was licensed from an American, Arnold Cohen, who invented his pedal-operated seat in New York in the early 1960s.

With so many high tech gadgets benefiting every other aspect of American life, it’s a bit surprising to many international visitors to the US that electronic bidet seats are not yet as omnipresent in American homes as microwaves and automatic dishwashers and flat screen TVs. But it looks like Americans are finally starting to come around to what most of the rest of the world already knows: using a bidet seat is just more hygienic, not to mention environmentally friendlier than toilet paper.

There are many different types of electronic bidet seats with a variety of available features depending on how fancy and cutting-edge users want to get with their seats (Toto plans to release a tankless toilet with all the bells and whistles in the fall that will cost in the neighborhood of $10,000). Of course, most new bidet users can find a seat that meets their wants and needs for $400 to $800 being made by several different brands besides Toto such as Brondell, Coway, Bio Bidet, INAX and more.

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