Bidet Seats Featured in The Wall Street Journal

WSJ Bidet Seat ArticleYes – bidet seats are becoming more popular in America.  These new high-tech toilet seats convert your existing toilet into a bidet, and even include a warm air dryer and heated toilet seat.  They are especially convenient in American homes since traditional “basin-type” bidets require extra real estate in your bathroom.  However – since a bidet seat goes on top of your existing toilet, they don’t take up any additional room making it a lot more practical.

And Americans are catching on to the concept.  So much so, that the Wall Street Journal wrote an article on the rising bidet trend:  WSJ Bidet Seat Article

According to the article, 20% of new single-family luxury homes in the U.S. included bidets last year, up from 12% in 2009.  And TOTO – the world’s largest manufacturer of toilets, reports their bidet seat sales have quadrupled over the last decade.

What’s the reason for the growth?  Education and awareness really.  Bidet toilet seats use a stream of water to cleanse you after using the restroom.  Now – we realize this may sound odd to you if you’ve never used a bidet before.  But keep in mind bidets are a popular all over the world, as you’ve probably seen them in your travels abroad.  And why do Americans use dry paper to clean ourselves anyway?  Would you clean your face with dry paper?  Of course not!  You know using water is the best way to clean.

And not only are bidets cleaner and more hygienic – they’re actually eco-friendly too.  According to an article in Scientific American [1], Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper every year, representing the pulping of some 15 million trees.  15 million trees!  Bidets can cut toilet paper consumption by 75% – 100% because toilet paper becomes used more for drying purposes.  And if you want to rid yourself completely of toilet paper usage, kick start the built-in air dryer which will dry your bum in just a couple minutes.

Bidet seats are becoming more popular because they are a better way of living, and people are learning about them.  And if you read consumer reviews on bidets, you find the love is universal.  We receive countless e-mails and testimonials from our customers saying how awesome their bidet seats are.  And if you try one, you’ll understand too.  So take advantage of our 30 Day Trial Program and discover for yourself.

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[1] Scientific American, 2009



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