Bidet Seats Featured in Los Angeles Times

Bidet SeatAt bidetsPLUS, we try to stay on top of bidet-related news.  So it was great to see a story about bidet seats featured in the Los Angeles Times.  The article highlights some of the benefits of using our products, and people’s experiences trying them for the first time.

Bill Strang, president of U.S. operations for Toto, says that once a customer gives it a try, the bidets practically sell themselves. “When you have a chance to sit down and test drive this product, it will absolutely change your life,” Strang said.

The article also points out some of the challenges facing the bidet industry.  It’s so difficult to explain what it’s like to use a bidet, to someone who has never used one before.  What is there to compare it to?  You could say it’s like a shower for your bum, but how many people take a shower just for their bum?  But the shower analogy is close – in the sense that we all love that shower-clean feeling.  We all know that using water is the best way to clean our bodies.

Aside from the benefits of washing, bidets have a lot of other features too.  Like a seat and lid that opens as you approach the toilet.  Remote controls, heated toilet seats, warm air dryers, night lights, and air deodorizers are other common features you’ll find.  And since toilet paper is used more for drying purposes when you have a bidet, toilet paper usage can be reduced by 75% or more.  You’re not using toilet paper to clean yourself anymore, you’re just using a few squares to dab off excess moisture from the wash.  Check out our bidet seat infographic for other interesting facts about the environmental impact of having a bidet.

Take advantage of bidetsPLUS’ 30 Day Trial Program and try one for yourself to experience a new level of hygiene and comfort.  Stop rubbing yourself with dry, abrasive paper and get that shower-clean feeling with a bidet seat you can install on your existing toilet.  It’s an easy upgrade for your bathroom, and you’ll soon discover what other Americans are catching on to.

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