Bidet Seats Attach to Your Existing Toilet

Did you know that a bidet seat easily attaches to your existing toilet?  That’s right!  They’re actually quite easy to install and the whole procedure only lasts about 30 minutes.  You basically take off your existing toilet seat and replace it with your new bidet seat.

There’s no additional plumbing either.  You already have a cold water line into your bathroom, which refills your toilet tank every time you flush.  You would tap into this line with a steel fitting called a “T-Connection” (included with your shipment).  The T-Connection is shaped like the letter “T” and allows the water run two different ways – one way will be back to your toilet tank, the other way will be to the bidet.  Once the water connection is complete, all you need to do is plug the bidet’s power cord into an outlet.

A water heater inside the bidet seat will warm the water to the desired temperature.  Learn more about bidet toilet seat and all its wonderful features by visiting today!

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