Bathroom Upgrades for Senior Homeowners

bathroom upgrades for seniorsAs many people get older, there are certain improvements to the home that can make life easier and more comfortable around the house. Many of these home improvements are not only appealing to older homeowners but also to younger buyers. Some general features such as wide doorways and open floorplans are popular home features across all age ranges.  But these features also make mobility easier as we age, and perhaps when we need a little bit more space for walkers or other assistance devices. These modifications and upgrades are becoming increasingly popular, especially in homes where owners plan on staying in until their retirement years and beyond.

With limited or diminished mobility for aging homeowners, the bathroom can be the most difficult room to navigate. But as mentioned in this recent article, there are a number of upgrades that can make the bathroom easier and more comfortable for seniors. One change that can prevent falls is a walk in bathtub. These tubs have outward opening doors so there is no need to step up and over the side of the bathtub which is how many falls happen. Slippery floors only add to the challenge.  And if you already have a walk-in shower, adding built-in seating or a removable shower chair can make showering easier for those who have difficulty standing over an extended period of time.

Other updates include pedestal sinks which offer more open space for moving in the bathroom, particularly for anyone using a mobility aid such as a walker. There are also chair-height toilets, also referred to sometimes as comfort- or ADA-height toilets. These toilets add a few inches over the standard 14 to 15 inch toilet bowl height, thus making it easier to sit and rise from the toilet. They also recommend bidet seats for the toilet as a smart option. As the article notes, bidet seats provide an easier way of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness after using the bathroom.

Of course, people of all ages can benefit from using a bidet toilet seat every day.  Because regardless of your age, water cleans you better than dry paper!  If you’re interested in upgrading your bathroom with a bidet, check out our comparison chart to find a model that best fits your needs so you can get started on improving your home today!

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