Author’s Prized Possession? Her Bidet!

judy-blume-200x300Many people know the author Judy Blume from her catalogue of young adult novels published in the 1970s and ‘80s, but now we know also know her for her love of the bidet toilet seat.

In a New York Times Magazine article about Judy Blume, the famous author took an interviewer on a tour of her home in Key West, Florida.  After showing off some of her works of art, Blume introduced the interviewer to her “greatest luxury: an electronic bidet toilet seat” installed in her bathroom.

Of course, she isn’t the first celebrity to extol the virtues of owning a bidet. Some of the famous friends of the bidet include Howie Mandel, Bryant Gumball, Madonna, and Brad Pitt among others.  Whoopi Goldberg proclaimed her bidet toilet seat “the greatest invention on the face of the earth” during an appearance on Oprah in 2011.  That’s quite a glowing endorsement.  Perhaps Oprah should have traded in the cars for a bidet seat giveaway!

While it’s fun to hear about celebrities singing the praises of bidets, it’s much more common for our customers to hear recommendations directly from friends and family who have taken the plunge and installed one in their own home.  We have had numerous people contact us after getting a recommendation from someone they know, which makes sense because there is no better recommendation than the one from someone you know.  We also have reviews from actual customers for all of our seats, so you can see what real people have to say about them.

And chances are good that if you install a bidet toilet seat in your home, you may become the one spreading the word!  You can check out our comparison chart to get an idea of the features packed into our many different models to find the right one for you.

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