America’s Best Bathroom Contest

america's best bathroom 300x375Step aside, Dancing with the Stars.  Out of the way, American Idol and The Voice.  Not so fast, Top Chef and America’s Next Top Model.  There’s a new competition that is sweeping the nation, and voting is now open for all of us to make our voices heard.  What competition, you ask?  It’s the 14th annual America’s Best Restroom contest, of course!

All right, so maybe America’s Best Restroom contest doesn’t garner quite as much attention as popular television competition shows.  But it’s hard to deny that the bathrooms of past winners and nominees are each packed with a good dose of wow-factor.  The contest is sponsored by restroom services company Cintas as a fun way to highlight some of the great public facilities that go the extra mile.  In addition to cleanliness, survey editor for Cintas Danny Rubin says that a nominee for America’s Best Restroom should be impressive enough in its décor and amenities that it “generates buzz” among users.  Some buzz-worthy features in past nominees include bathrooms with plasma screen TVs, a pool table, a waterfall, bar service, and – why not? – original drawings by Picasso.  According to the nomination form, people can nominate “any non-residential restroom accessible to the general public.”  Past winners and nominees have included restrooms in museums, restaurants, hotels, theaters and even convenience stores.

The 2014 ABR winner Longwood Gardens is a public garden in Philadelphia that incorporates their restrooms into an indoor “Green Wall.”  All seventeen restrooms are surrounded by vibrant plant life, and inside each loo there is a glass dome that provides natural lighting.  While not everyone has the green thumb to replicate the verdant surroundings of Longwood Gardens, another way to go “green” in your own bathroom is by installing a bidet toilet seat.  Bidet seats can drastically reduce toilet paper consumption and, in our humble opinion, might put you in the running for America’s Best Bathroom, Home Edition!

Nominations for the contest are open until June.  So if you own or operate a facility with outstanding facilities, you could enter for a chance to win the top prize of $2,500 in restroom services from Cintas and, more importantly, the title of America’s Best Restroom.  The top three runners-up will also receive a free deep-cleaning of their restrooms.  If all of these awesome washrooms have you feeling inspired yourself, check out our selection of bidet seats here at bidetsPLUS to make your own bathroom worthy of being called one of America’s Best!


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