Advanced Toilet Technology With a Bidet Seat

Toilet BidetTechnology continues to make significant gains in the home.  Many years ago, timers were introduced to coffee machines so that you’d have a fresh cup waiting for you when you woke up.  Today, watering sprinklers are so smart they can detect water levels in your lawn, and turn themselves on when things get too dry.  High-tech thermostats are voice activated.  And internet-ready home-assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo will even order pizza for you.

By installing a bidet toilet seat on your existing toilet, you can begin to enjoy the advancements in toilet technology too.  As pointed out in a recent Men’s Journal article, many of us have electric toothbrushes that connect to bluetooth, but still use antiquated toilets with the same basic design from over a century ago!  Well it’s time to upgrade your bathroom experience.

Bidet toilet seats like the TOTO S350e offer a dizzying set of features to upgrade your toilet, in to a smart toilet.  The bidet seat is equipped with body sensors so it knows when you’re approaching the toilet, and automatically opens the lid for you.  The body sensors also trigger the built-in night light so you can see the toilet in the dark – which is incredibly handy as we age.  It even mists the sides of your toilet bowl with electrolyzed water every 8 hours which helps keep your toilet more sanitary.

And we haven’t even began to touch on the bidet features, like providing a temperature-controlled warm water wash.  Water pressure and spray position can be adjusted to best suit your body.  There’s a built in air deodorizer and a warmed toilet seat, which is everyone’s favorite feature in the winter.

So join the movement towards modernizing your bathroom by installing a bidet toilet seat.  Not only is it more hygienic and sanitary than using dry paper, it’s eco-friendly too because bidets drastically reduce the use of toilet paper.  It’s better for you and the environment.  It’s a win/win.


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