Adding Some Elegance to the Porta-Potty

porta-potty 350x250When people think of a porta-potty, the first thought they may have might be, “I know I shouldn’t ‘hold it,’ but do I really have to go that bad?”  If you’ve ever been to a large outdoor event such as a fair or festival or the like, you have almost certainly at one point had to relieve yourself in the dreaded porta-potty.   They are cramped, smelly receptacles that serve a purpose, as traumatic as the experience may be for some.  However, a company in Urbana, Illinois, is changing what a portable toilet experience can be with their luxury portable restroom.

According to an article in the Urbana Pantagraph, Gulliford Services/Illinois Portable Toilets is wowing clients with their 12 foot trailer luxury porta-potty that is a breath of fresh air compared to traditional models.  The luxury loo has four separate restrooms with actual flushing toilets – a welcomed upgrade from the chemical bucket typically associated with portable toilets.  The restrooms also come equipped with hot and cold water sinks with a vanity finished with marble countertops.  Instead of thin blue plastic, the walls are nicely decorated complete with wainscoting for a warm homey feel.  There is also a heating and air conditioning system as well speakers to play music for an added bit of privacy.

While Gulliford Services does still rent out the basic porta-potties for construction sites and less formal affairs, the luxury model has been extremely popular with area wedding parties.  The unit has been so popular in fact that the company is thinking of adding a second luxury model to their fleet.  One client who rented the unit for his daughter’s outdoor wedding compared it to a nice hotel bathroom, certainly not a comparison you associate with porta-potties.  The upscale four-bathroom trailer costs about $1,200 for the day plus a travel fee – a small price to pay perhaps to avoid the grim alternative.  Now if the next generation model added an electronic bidet seat, then it would truly be luxurious!

Of course, if you are looking to upgrade your own bathroom at home, you can peruse our bidet seat comparison chart to find a model right for you.  And if you’re still undecided, our 30 day risk free trial is an amazing offer you can take advantage of to see if a bidet seat is right for you.  But be warned: much like trying the luxury porta-potty, once you upgrade to the superior cleaning of a bidet seat you may never want to go back!

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