A Smart Toilet for Pets

smart toilet for petsHere at bidetsPLUS, we like to keep up with the latest technological updates and trends when it comes to bidet toilet seats and all they offer in making using the bathroom a cleaner and healthier experience.  But one new tech gadget breakthrough has really gone to the dogs – literally!

A recent Know Techie article reviews the BrilliantPad, a new “smart toilet” for your four legged friends.  While not quite on par with the tech features you’ll find in one of our electric bidet seats, the BrilliantPad seems to have a smart design that can make life a little easier and less messy for dog owners.  The BrilliantPad uses a rolled pad on a spool that the dog can do their business on, and the pad absorbs moisture your pup leaves behind.  Then the spool rolls the pad “like a grocery store conveyer belt” storing the used sections of the pad until the entire spool is used up.  Then you can simply change out the rolled up used pad and replace it with a fresh pad roll.  The BrilliantPad also has a deodorizer feature which uses chemicals to prevent your home from smelling like a doggie park.

The BrilliantPad was created by Alan Cook who also developed the “ScoopFree litter box for cats.”  It may be especially useful for people with small to mid-size dogs or puppies, however the device is not suggested for bigger dogs.  It may be particularly useful for dog owners who are gone for long hours and aren’t able to get home during the day to let their dog out and come home to accidents.  Or just for anyone who has trouble convincing their dog to go outside to take care of business on especially cold or rainy days!

Of course, the best way to train your dog to make use of a cool gadget like the BrilliantPad is by setting a good example and making your own bathroom a cleaner experience with an electric bidet toilet seat.  You can check out all the great models of bidets we carry on our website and we even have a 30 Day Risk Free Trial on select seats.  While dogs may still be considered man’s best friend, a new bidet toilet seat will be your bathroom’s best friend!

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