5 Things to Know When Buying a Bidet Seat

You’re interested in getting a new bidet seat, but not sure where to start.  Well you’re in luck!  bidetsPLUS and our staff of experts are ready to help.  We have helped thousands of people just like you getting their first seat.  We’ve heard the questions people tend to ask and in today’s blog post, we want to summarize the more salient points to keep in mind while shopping.  Ready?  Here’s our summary of the 5 Things you should keep in mind when purchasing a bidet toilet seat.

1.  Which Bidet Seat Fits My Toilet?

This is the first question you should ask yourself.  In 98% of cases, we can find a bidet that fits your existing toilet.  The best way to illustrate is to actually show you a picture, so click on this link to see:  Bidet Seat Fitting Chart

The toilets you want to be careful with are one-piece toilets with french curve (as shown below):

french curve 184x161In this picture, you can see the curvature of the water tank restricts spacing behind the bowl, which limits the area where the rear of the bidet can sit.  If you have one of these toilets, please give us a call at 888.388.5658 so we can discuss your particular situation.  But in all other cases, you are good to order provided you use the fitting chart provided above.

Remember – toilets come in two sizes, ELONGATED and ROUND so make sure you order the size bidet that matches your toilet.  Approximately 75% of all toilets are elongated size, based on our sales history.

2.  A Bidet Seat Requires Electricity

You will need to plug the bidet into a nearby outlet.  If you are facing the toilet, all the seats in our store (with the exception of TOTO) have the electric cord extending from the right hand side.  TOTO is the only exception; TOTO seats have their electric cords extending from the left if you are facing the toilet.  All bidet electric cords are approximately 3.5 feet long.

3.  Remote Controls are More Practical

We recommend a bidet that comes with a wireless remote control.  This is pretty much standard these days.  The problem with seats with the control panel attached is that some of the buttons are way in the back.  So you’re seated in a forward position, but then you have to twist your body around and practically look behind you while sitting forward.  Just not ergonomic.  And not very comfortable either.

A remote control makes the bidet much easier to operate.  All remote controls come with a wall mounting bracket, so you can just slap it on the wall.  Even better – these remotes are easy to slide out and hold in your hand.  When you’re done, just place the remote back on the wall.  It’s so much better, and there are no twisting torsos involved.

4.  Tankless Heating is the Way to Go

Tankless water heating is definitely the way to go.  While you’ll still find models out there with the older reservoir heating (comparison chart), all the newer seats these days have moved to tankless and for good reason:

  • Tankless heating systems are more energy efficient.  They use “on-demand” technology meaning, it’s only on when you turn it on.  Reservoir tank heaters maintain warm water temperature 24 hours a day (like a thermostat) in case someone comes to use it.
  • Tankless heating systems provide continuous warm water.  Reservoir tank heaters can only supply as much water, as the tank’s capacity.  Once the warm water runs out (about 40 seconds worth) it will start to cool.
  • Tankless heating systems look better aesthetically.  Because the bidet doesn’t have a big water tank inside, the seat looks more modern and contemporary.  Bidets with reservoir tanks are bigger and bulkier.

5.  A Bidet Seat is a Long-Term Purchase

And finally, you’ll want to keep in mind that a bidet seat is a long-term purchase with an estimated life of 7 years or more.  This means you should err on the side of getting something with recent tech (e.g., remote control, tankless heating, etc…).  It’s kind of like buying a computer.  When you buy a computer you want to get a fast processor, lots of hard drive space, and lots of RAM – so that in 3 to 5 years, your computer is still somewhat current and modern.

Along those lines – a bidet seat is something you’ll use every day.  It is one of the most practical items you will ever purchase.  Agreed, they are not cheap.  But if you think about the improvement in hygiene, comfort, and the fact that you’ll be reducing (toilet) paper waste for 7+ years…  getting a bidet seat is one of the better long-term purchases you can make.

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