2018 Winter Olympics – Captivating, but Cold!

2018 PyeongChang OlympicsThe opening ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics was held just a few hours ago, and the games are officially underway!  Team USA sent the largest delegation ever to PyeongChang, with 242 athletes – more than any other nation in Winter Olympics history.  While most of the athletes are first-time Olympians, there are also some grizzly veterans like Shani Davis – the first U.S. speedskater to race in five different Olympics.

With almost 100 countries represented at the games, the U.S. will have their hands full competing against the best athletes in the world.  This surely will lead to some very competitive events for the athletes, who have trained four years, leading up to these two winter weeks in 2018.

But not only will the athletes have the competition to worry about, they’ll also have to brave the cold!  The 2018 games in PyeongChang are forecasted to be the coldest in 24 years.  Hope everybody brought their beanies – the last time temperatures were this cold, you’d have to go back to 1994 when the games were held in Lillehammer, Norway.  With the Siberian winds coming down the Korean peninsula – warm boots, heated jackets, and hand warmers will certainly be some of the most popular items around.

Another popular item in PyeongChang, will be all the bidet toilet seats!  With the bidet’s warm water wash and warm air dry, Olympic athletes will find a haven from the winter cold right in their own bathrooms.  Bidet seats have been popular in South Korea for many years now, where you can find one in nearly 3 out of every 4 homes.  And yes, you’ll find them at the Olympic Village as well.  For many of the athletes coming off the slopes, the heated toilet seat feature is sure to make them wonder…  “Where can I get one of these when I get back home?”

At bidetsPLUS of course!  We have a great selection of high quality bidet toilet seats, just like the ones found in PyeongChang.  Olympians can peruse our bidet toilet seat comparison chart to find a seat with the same features they experienced while in South Korea.  Or if they prefer to talk through it, they can call us and speak to one of our bidet seat experts who’ll happily help them out.  And if they have an Olympic story to tell, we’d love to hear that too!


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