What a $10,000 Toilet Looks Like

This toilet from the future features things like his/her bidet wash, heated seat, warm air dry, an air purifying system, among other features.… read more

Give a Bidet to Win Best Gift of the Season

Bidet seats are extremely popular this time of year and make a great gift that is at once unique and practical. … read more

bidetsPLUS YouTube Videos – 1,000,000 Views!

We are pleased to announce our bidetsPLUS YouTube channel has surpassed 1,000,000 views! We created our first bidet video seven years ago, back in 2010.… read more

Five Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Bathroom

The bathroom is quite possibly the hardest working room in any home. Here are five do-it-yourself ways you can update your bathroom without breaking the bank.… read more

Toilet Seat Artist

Mr. Smith accumulated toilet seat covers while working as a plumber. He also received seats from fellow plumbers.… read more

The Dawn of a New Bidet

Experience all the benefits of owning a bidet seat and pretty soon you'll be raving about it to all your friends and relatives.… read more

Tokyo Airport Upgrades with “Design Restrooms”

Narita Airport is renovating 11 of the airport’s busiest restrooms with a variety of amenities and upgrades to the usual airport bathroom.… read more

For Sale: Willie Nelson’s Bidet

There will be an online auction selling some of Willie Nelson’s belongings, including his gold plated bidet. … read more

Advanced Toilet Technology With a Bidet Seat

By installing a bidet toilet seat on your existing toilet, you can begin to enjoy the advancements in toilet technology,… read more

Tips for Choosing a Great Toilet

Having a bidet is “absolutely worth it,” thanks to the effective cleaning that leaves you feeling fresh and sanitary.… read more

Bathroom Upgrades for Senior Homeowners

As people get older, certain improvements can be made to the bathroom which makes life easier and more comfortable.… read more

Bidet Toilet Seats Are Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that the United States leads the world in toilet paper usage? The average American uses almost 24 rolls of toilet paper per year. This is 50% more… read more

Smart Gadgets for Your Bathroom

Innovative new gadgets equipped with the latest technology can be found everywhere you look these days, and that includes the bathroom.… read more

Toilets from the Future are Here Today

An attachable bidet seat can be installed on to any toilet, making your toilet a smart toilet.… read more

World’s Fanciest Toilets Being Featured at Modern San Francisco Showroom

A new San Francisco showroom recently opened by Japanese toilet and bidet seat manufacturer TOTO.… read more

bidetsPLUS YouTube Channel Hits 900,000 Views

bidetsPLUS is pleased to announce our YouTube Channel recently passed 900,000 views!… read more

A Smart Toilet for Pets

The BrilliantPad seems to have a smart design that can make life a little easier and less messy for dog owners.… read more

Convert Your Toilet to a High-Tech Toilet

Bidet toilet seats can be installed on your current toilet which saves you money as well as the headache of a full-on renovation.… read more

Bidet Seat Controls to Standardize in 2017

The Japanese toilet industry has agreed to standardize bidet controls, and to unify the iconography used.… read more

Toilet Paper for your Smart Phone?

Narita International Airport in Tokyo has installed dispensers filled with disinfecting wipes for smart phones to encourage travelers to clean their phones.… read more

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